3L Career Planning Timeline

The job search process often continues throughout students' final year of law school. The following timeline is designed to help you stay on-track and conduct a thoughtful and effective job search. 

If you are interested in pursuing a public interest career, we also encourage you to review the 3L Public Interest Career Planning Timeline.

Reflecting on Summer & Search Plan

September 1 - October 31

  • Take time to consider your 2L summer and how the experience aligns with your career goals
  • Add the contacts you’ve developed since you started law school to your database and/or LinkedIn 
  • Draft follow-up emails and schedule meetings with contacts
  • Continue to identify & initiate contacts
    • Informational interviews are a requirement of the Upper-Level Foundations of Practice Program
  • Attend Employer-in-Residence programs
  • Consider whether a spring internship fits your goals 
  • Research small/medium firms and government positions
  • Continue direct writes to firms

3L Fall Semester Action Plan

Job Searching Skills

October 15 - January 31

  • Set goals for targeting new contacts and follow-up
  • Update your LinkedIn profile
  • Use LinkedIn, Martindale, Leadership Directories, and Career Center website resources to develop leads for new contacts

Preparation & Goals for Post-Grad

February 1 - May 1

The Spring Semester Action Plan will help you complete the Upper-Level Foundations of Practice requirements, as well as:

  • prioritize your remaining time in law school,
  • assess strengths and skills gaps,
  • update your careers timeline,
  • continue your summer job or semester externship search, and
  • use your professional networks strategically.

See a career counselor for assistance prioritizing the action items in the plan.

3L Spring Semester Action Plan

  • Follow-up with contacts
  • Small/Medium Firm networking events
  • Identify & attend events
  • Develop a plan for networking over spring break
  • Attend Coffee with Experience hosted by the Alumni Office (typically hosted in March)
  • Read the 3L Career Center Newsletter
  • Job postings in CORE, PSJD, AZ Guide
  • Submit your resume to spring resume books in CORE
  • Direct writes to small/medium firms
  • Attend Career Center programs targeted to post-graduation searches
  • Decide which state Bar Exam you will take; prepare and submit your Bar application

After Graduation

Job Search Guide for Recent Graduates